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01 February 2012

The Same Old Story

Weeks of silence on my blog and I sign in again only to document the shit that is going on around here. Excuse me, it's stronger than me. I live in a Banana Republic that tries to be like everyone else and illudes itself to be like someone else just because, after years of bunga bunga in its upper court, today it's ruled by a technical government. 

- Central heating down on the coldest day of all. Maintenance technicians are nowhere to be found. Since we expect temperatures go below zero we contact the administrator, who calls the Firemen because he can't contact the staff neither. After 12 hours, someone is forced to solve the problem. It's in days like these that I feel blessed to feel somehow protected by authorities. Even if it's more expensive. Italian disservices part 1.

- Taxi drivers strike against the liberalization. If the new law passes, everyone could set up his business easily, so that current owners can't sell their licences at outrageous prices. Why those licences are given very rarely, every body knows now. How great, now everybody knows what's going on and why they want to keep their utter privileges. But do you think it couts? Italians have morals part 1.

-You promise me the cheapest fares available on the mobile market. You also assure me that, if I choose you as my provider, you sell me your smartest Smartphone for the ridiculous price of 1 euro. Then your goodies arrive but they don't wok. Assistance itself advices it's ridiculous to pay for a mobile that, if all goes well, will be given back to me in 3 weeks at least. So I cancel your contract. I don't care if it's at my expenses and if I have to battle a terrible Bora to walk to the Post Office, where I can't get my number for queing because your machines don't work. And I end up fighting with all the people around for a right. You won't win with me in this. I'll give your bloody Smartphone back. Smart my ass. Sorry. Italian disservices part 2.

- Doctors who own or work in a drugstore strike because the new liberalization allows anyone with a degree to open a pharmacy. Who cares if me, as a citizen, will be the only one benefiting from this? If I don't have to pay this world to get a product they never have when I need it or walk miles before finding a shop? They won't take home the same income, and that's all that counts. OhyesItalybelongstoG20 part 1.

- 27 minutes waiting on the phone to sort a stellar (wrong) bill for water consume at home. When my turn is close, the line disconnects. Italian disservices part 3.

- The Post rises the price of stamps but doesn't print any new one. They also sell Christmas stamps at Easter. OhyesItalybelongstoG20 part 2.

I hate Italy, I truly do. It's really hard to find reasons to stay, these days more than ever. It's hard to find reasons to be proud of. And I say it with a broken heart, because it's not ll about that jazz. There're lovely, decent people too. But we're not enough. If you don't see starlets in parliament anymore doesn't mean they're gone away!

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  1. if it's any comfort to you the postage prices were raised here too ...
    Cheer up!


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