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18 January 2012

Involuntary Heroes

This is the news that became famous all over the world and that marked our so far terrible 2012, the year of Titanic's 100th anniversary for a weird coincidence.

We're all shocked, I myself can't stop watching videos and listening to superstites' tales, trying to figure out how it could be on board on thoise dramatic moments after the ship collided. I would have probably panicked too, but one thing I know. I would have killed to go up deck 9 and rescue my baby. During our last Costa cruise last year, it's there, at their Mini Club, where Alice used to stay while Alfie and I relaxed in our cabins.

Like everyone, I have problems in understanding the reasons why the skipper abandoned his ship,  rather than remaining there like his duties first and human virtues later require. I'm stupefied by his total lack of competence in coordinating the evacuation procedures. He's young (52) and not a beginner. Sometimes careers aren't mirrors of who we truly are, and one can do everything to take home a stellar salary. So I wonder who put him there in the first place.

Someone is comparing this tragedy to the crisis Italy is collapsing in. We're on the verge of a terrible social, cultural and not least economical disaster, with normal people foced to be heroes in an unprotected environment and rats. I'm afraid this comparison is unfair, but true. I only hope someone will come and rescue us as the way they'll do with Costa Concordia now. ANd that no toher rats will abandon us. Some of us just don't deserve this!

PS: To understand messy Italy better, please read this article.

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