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01 February 2012

Hello February!

Good morning from snowy and windy Trieste!

Deserted neighborhood

It's -2°C at the moment. Brrrr! I know it's nothing compared to -22 they're having in Finland, go figure, but I'm not a Northen monkey and I can't put up with any polar wave. Plus, snow is somewhat like soccer to me, it evokes the same repulsive feelings of isolation, disgust, anger and utter discomfort. It used to snow a lot when I was a teen in my region. Back then seasons were like they should be, definite and with character. My parents' house was on top of a hill, therefore more paralyzed than the rest of the village. Those were long, boring days of freezing, because the heating was never enough, with our mother more depressed than usual, stressing us with her obsession for hygiene and catastrophes. 

Right down here in my family, instead, when it's freezing outside it's all about cuddling inside, in a warm, cosy environment full of love and respect, cartoons, movies, hot chocolates, cakes and Nutella and lots of books. 

I hope this terrible weather doesn't force me to postpone Alice's birthday party tomorrow. It's all set up and planned, and she already burst into tears when she woke up and saw this snow. A child should be excited at the sight of snow instead. Sigh! I'll move the party at home for those who will have the courage to still join, that's my decision. I won't ruin a day for nothing. I promise!

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