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06 February 2012

Boring Bora

I'm sorry, I can't understand how you can love the Bora wind. Triestini insist they like it but so far I haven't met any who admitted it. I can understand that life goes on no matter how strong it blows, but one thing is liking it, another is having to deal with it. 

They foresee 3 more days of strong Bora, as if the whole past week wasn't enough. They say it always blows in multiple of 3 days, so it should be finally over next Wednesday. The nerve!

All photos via Il Piccolo

Bora wind: instrunctions for tourists (freely translated from this site)

1. If the windows vibrate, it's Bora.
2. If the tiles of the roofs vibrate, it is Bora too.
3. (If the walls tremble, it is not: it's an earthquake.)
4. If you must go out, a warm caot won't be enough.  
5. If you do not have to go out, blankets will be okay.
6. If it rains, you will not need an umbrella. It will run on the first whiff, you will not close it and turn it over buy put you in the rubbish, of course. 
7. If they want to sell you an umbrella for the Bora, know that it is never true: they do that only with tourists. 
8. If it does not rain, if it is dark Bora, it will probably rain. And you won't need an umbrella. 
9. If you are female, do not wear any heels. The wind blows stronger up there :) 
10. If you're male, do not wear any heels and this also applies in days of no Bora.
11. If you go to Unità square, remember that the Prefecture side if for walkers, the Lloyd is for surfers and sailors.  
12. If you park your car, do it against the wind. You did not? Having the nearby car door fixed costs you 800 euros. If you dind't park near other cars and opened any of your doors, 800 euros is still the price. 
 13. If you have parked in the proper way you will probably not be able to open the door, but still better than paying 800 euros, is not it? 
14. If you see a walking dumpster, let it alone. It's his day of glory. 
15. If you left something on the terrace go and look south west, two hundred yards ahead. 
16. If you see a camera operator on a tv that films, don't show off tryning to walk as the wind weren't blowing. You'll still watch yourself teetering later on the evening news. 
17. Do not go on the Molo Audace. I said, do not go on Molo Audace! 
18. The names of some streets of Trieste are closely related to the Bora. So why do you need to go to Wind Mill street today? 
19. Walking against the wind is an art that you learn during childhood. And if you haven't learned yet ...
20. Triestini consider clinging to lam posts a great sign of weakness. 

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