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18 October 2011

Travel companions

Look at this photo: don't u find it fascinating? If so, can you also tell me why?

Lonny Magazine

I know why. I find it particularly charming because of the suitcases. They add a special touch of vintage that reminds of good-old-days travelling and adventure, when trains and boats were common modes of transportation. This is an essential aspect for an avid traveller like me. Suitcases also carry that aura of mistery that makes you think the older they are, the more intricate their history is, which is another prerogative for us writers.

They're stylish, too, and spill glamour all over. Look at all the luggage Marlene Dietrich took with her when she relocated to America in the 30's. What a real icon diva!


I'm sure many of you like vintage suitcases as much as I do. I saw some beautiful ones at the Vintage Market they had in Verona when we visisted last week, and I regret not having bought any.

But then, they didn't come cheap and anyway, I wouldn't know how to bring them home with me, since I was travelling by train. Maybe I can find some on ebay or even order some from Anthropology or some guy from Camden stables in London, because they could be perfect for my hallway.   

(The Locker)

There're endless possibilities to use vintage suitcases to decorate our houses. I spotted some inspiring photos today and was amazed at how some are so creative and clever. They can be used as side tables or even stacked on top of other furniture pieces.

Elements of Style
Design Fixation
Apartment Therapy
(Design Sponge)
(Style carrot)

Their functionality provides excellent storage and organizing possibilities.

(Country Living)

Also, a suitcase can become a cabinet by simply hanging it on a wall, like this eccentric medicine one and this beauty cabinet desk.


And by adding a few wheels, it can become a rolling bar cart!


It can also be transformed into a pet house. Who whould have thought?

The decorologist

The interior of an old suitcase can be completely refurbished as well. New fabric can be used to replace old, yucky lining. Add more pockets, as well as some ties, loops and dividers and it can be repurposed into a case for your craft supplies that you can carry from one room to another.

(Pottery Barn)

They can also be used to make a wedding special, go figure!


Not to mention trunks. They open a new world of possibilities ...

Apartment Therapy
(Style carrot)

Okay, I'm all set now, I want a few suitcases. Let me start the search! :)


  1. I just LOVE old suitcases too!
    Thanks for posting.
    Love, Birna

  2. Oh my, my, my what a delightful post!
    A fellow old suitcase lover!
    I have just recently purchased my 3rd old suitcase (found hiding in a corner of the attic level of one of my favorite "fun stuff" stores) My first was found in a house we were helping a friend to clear out before it was bull dozed in the name of progress. The second was found on the street next to a trash barrel on trash day while i was walking my dog at lunch time 5 years ago. I love them for their history... where have they been? What have they seen?
    Suitcase number 3 has old travel stickers still on it, seems i've adopted a world traveler this time!
    I adore them, and always keep an eye peeled on trash day, just in case.
    The only thing I don't adore is the "funk" that they harbor inside... how do you get rid of "old suitcase" smell??? :))))))

  3. Thanks to you for reading, Birna! :)

    Nice to know there're many suitcase freaks out there, girls! :)

    Melody, the smell factor i something nobody mentions on the net LOL I suppose washing them and leaving them for a day or two outside helps? You were so lucky to find a suitcase. Wow! I'd like to se how the one with stickers looks like. DO you think you can send me a pic over? I'd like that, I'm too curious! :)

  4. I will have to do a photo shoot of my suitcase trio! (special focus on the travel stickers!) :)))
    ...don't worry, the funk is blissfully absent in photos! ha ha ~ It's like closed up musty old attic smell, contained in a handsome package! I'll let you know when they've been photo'd ! :)

  5. Yes please, shoot tha trio for me please, share and then I'll post it. Please! :)

  6. Check 'em out! :))))


  7. I chekced them out right now and left a comment, Wow Melody, thanks for keeping your promise. You made me dream!


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