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17 October 2011


Well, I'm finally relaxing, this week should be less busy than its former ones. I can sit down and blog about my trips but first, let me share a few thoughts that have been obsessing me lately. 

The first one is about this crazy weather. Autumn arrived practically in one day. One day people were sunbathing and even swimming, the next it rained cats and dogs and temperatured dropped down drastically. No wonder nearly everybody is down with flu and colds or what other virus comes next. 

Autumn day in Barcola (TS)
Autumn in progress

Secondly, Halloween has spread over here too and people hate that. They think we're just copying shit from plain old America and they fear we may forget the value of our real celebrations, which are on November 1 and 2 (All Deads and All Saints respectively.)

They have a point, Halloween has nothing to do with us but it is irresistible, for its costumes, decorations and legends. Hence I see it as something harmless, which doesn't certainly distract us from our traditions ​​and does not justify the crusade against it by the Talibans of Catholicism. It's not with banners and posters of Jesus that we remember our faith. 

One of our harmless decorations in shops

I do not see anything wrong with Alice entertaining herself with a costume once more a year. And I like to see the orange and black decor with lots of cobwebs around the shops. It makes me happy. Then November 1st arrives and I am saddened, of course, for the loved ones who are gone. But life is made ​​of joys and sorrows after all. I continue to believe that there are other things we should worry about. Deads passed away. We should concentrate on the present rather than blaming Halloween.

Because, come on! Our country is a mess of rotten politicians, unemployment, medieval infrastuctures, people running errands in the big depression and we complain about kids wearing costumes (because we don't do the trick or treat yet) and a few more pints down at the pub? It's ridiculous!

Why don't we do something for preventing serious problems instead? Indignados have been protesting all over the world in days where peace was the key. We had to be different. We had to do it 'better', putting up a hell in Rome that was nearly like a civil war, with protesters trying to block the black bloc guys who were attacking police.

Italian Indignados protest turning violent on October 15
Pics from Il Corriere della Sera

I always think twice before speaking or criticizing, you know?

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