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18 October 2011

Falling off the wagon

Yes, I cheated my diet big time tonight. After one month of rigour, I didn't know what to eat first. I resisted until about 5 pm tonigh, but then whilst baking a Nutella roll for friends who have to host Alice tomorrow, my stomach opened and food started swirling into its vortex. Dear!

Nutella, cheese, eggs,white wine. Bresaola, Danette choc dessert, more Nutella and more Wine. Two cookies and wine again.

The point is: I don't know how I managed to wait this long. Honestly, I'm more suprised of my abstinence than of me being naughty tonight. Who did I want to fool? My will and perseverance aren't that great when it comes to food, so I fell. And it was heaven! I don't feel the slightest remorse. It was more like being entitled to it. 

Only, I'm afraid I could ruin all my efforts so far. Can a cheating compromise the plan of a whole month? Only time can tell and I don't want to bother. I'm all concentrated on my imminent future now, and I decided to stay away from Facebook for a while because I was complaining too much of my ups and downs lately in my statuses. I'll log in again when I'll have something more interesting and meaningful to say. Hopefully.

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