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09 September 2011

With love

I wanted to share a few recent shots I took of my Ali. Just because boyfriends and graduation will be here sooner than I think ...

Life is beautiful. Beautiful is love. Love is life. Mummy loves you to pieces, Alice! xxx


  1. Beautiful photos. The first one is my favorite, she's framed by books... and she's smiling at you just behind the chair...

  2. Thank you, Melody! Yes, books ... I wrote they're all that counts for us! Keep commenting, it motivates me! Loads xxx

  3. The three pictures of Ali look so spontaneous, so natural, but the last one, to me, is the best one! The shadow of the light, the expression of her face, she looks innocent and surprised at something at the same time. Very very nice!

  4. Oh, thanks, Marta! It's my favorite too. I caught her in a spontaneous moment indeed, she was looking at some birds out of the window, that explains the plain light and all. Those moments are so rare!


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