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11 September 2011

9/11 for me too

There are rare events that mark history because they split the world in two: what it was like before and how it is now. September 11 is one of them.

Ten years have passed since America's certainties, most of our certainties, are gone. "Time heals. Memories fade some. Children who lost parents have grown up with a keepsake photo, ring or earring and moved on. But like a fault in the earth’s crust, a deep fissure from that attack remains just beneath the nation’s surface." credits 

We love you all and we keep you in our hearts. via nytimes.com

Everyone remembers where he was and what he did 10 years ago, when those planes sent the world into pieces. I was honeymooning in Thailand, I had been married for 3 days. That afternoon, for an odd irony, I was on top of Baiyoke tower, the tallest building in Bangkok.

I remember running away from there in a state of catatonic shock, devastated by the news, grateful to have changed my honeymoon destination last minute (we were supposed to tour the States and spend the first 3 days in New York), anxious to leave a tall area and hoping it was all just a joke, a colossal movie joke, if possible. 

It wasn't. And no words will fill the void, but I just hope the world will be a better place. Easy, common and even ridiculous words, mines for today. I know. But for once this is what we will never give up hoping.

“Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, to assure the survival and success of liberty.” — John F. Kennedy


  1. I was at my desk at work... and I heard the report on the radio I always have playing. I thought a pilot must have died at the wheel of a plane; I would never have guess the truth.
    It was such a beautiful September day.
    Some moments are just etched into your mind forever....

  2. You're so right, Melody. We would never associate a beautiful day to such a tragedy. Gosh!


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