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09 September 2011

Nice day out

What a day for my anniversary, yesterday!

I went to Ljubljana first thing in the morning. Remember when I told ya that London calls constantly? Well, when the city calls, Elda responds with ... Slovenia! And more precisely, going to its capital. Because there's a part of Ljubljana that reminds me of Camden Town. It's the pedestrianised street which runs parallel to the river, Petkovskovo Nabrezje. When I'm tired of classic Trieste I drive to Ljub, which is only an hour drive from here, and watch the world go by sampling a few beers in that colorful neighborhood.

Yes, hanging shoes! They look like doves.

I didn't have my camera with me. I captured the city so many times that I decided to leave it at home for once. And still, every time I go out camera-free I feel like missing an arm or something (very sick of me, I know!) But I had my iPod and the rest of the city deserved some shots too. Not only because Instagram got me addicted, but because it's very charming indeed.

In Ljubljana I met a dear Slovene friend who lives nearby and who met us for lunch. She was ... pregnant! How lovely! 6 months gone and not telling anyone. That's brave! I wouldn't manage to keep such a secret for so long. She looked even more beautiful and radiant and simply stunning. Congratulations, Alenka. I hope you won't hide the baby arrival now, hey! I'll make sure to keep track on my calendar and obsess you with phonecalls when due time is close he he

I then drove home and arrived just in time to rest and then get ready again for the big night out. Time to celebrate my anniversary with family in style. Trieste was as lovely as ever, embellished by its stunning sunset lights, and we were all very high in spirit. 

The best result of our 10 years marriage ever! :)

We couldn't but cheer to 10 years more (at least!)

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