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22 September 2011

Glorious morning

Back from my morning stroll and ready to post a few pics I took downtown this morning. Trieste is glorious, nobody can resist its mysterious elegance. Though I had a hard time resisting all the smells from different bars, cafes and restaurants everywhere. The good girl in me managed to survive. I didn't indulge in anything, not even a latte. I'm taking my dieting seriosuly, hey!

One of my favorite corner buildings.
Enchanting details.
Aww, their melodies!

At my dentist's. Posh, and very central :)
I love it when you begin to see autumn collections in shops.
What a nice combination, magazines and local delicatessen! :)
See? Everyone's enjoying life and I'm on a diet! Grrrrrr!

I hope you enjoyed my stroll with me. Hanging out and taking pics with my iPod while listening to music is one of my favorite things lately.

I'll see you in my next visual adventure!

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