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20 September 2011

I've always been bad at Maths!

"It's not fair, mummy, you got 4 magazines, while I only got 4 stickers!"
"We got the same numbers of objects then, sweetie."
"Oh no, not true! My 4 stickers are elements of ONE unit, while you got 4 units!"


  1. I've been and I still am just terrible at math. My brain just refuses to cooperate when numbers are concerned.... but I think Ali was right:)

  2. True... true.... loooooooooool

  3. Of course she was right, she's always all right, being the incredible smart talent at everything she does :) Today she was teaching me how to do homeworks. Can you believe this?

  4. Well, I hope it was math homeworks:)

  5. Of course it was Maths, Sandra. What else? LOL


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