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12 September 2011

Back to school

Yes, September is the month. My daughter loves school. She was waiting for this event so impatiently that this morning I didn't even have to kick her off remove her gently from her bed as usual LOL

"School time, school time!" was the jiggle. Okay, that's pleasant. I loved school too but going back after 3 months of total freedom sucked, especially after a whole summer sleeping through the mornings. Well,  when my mother didn't savagely open the windows of my room at 9am. But this is something she stoically started to do during my high school years. The fact I was a blooming adult muts have been something scary for her, I don't know. I still have to investigate on that.

And, honestly, it's something that I still wonder today. Why is it generally reputed to be a bad action to sleep in? 10 am is the perfect time for me to wake up, no matter how many hours per night I sleep. I don't function properly before that. Why do I have to read the word 'lazy' in people's eyes if I ever mention my habits? I'm not on drugs, after all. I'm not even having beer for breakfast. I am just a late riser, because I've always been a night owl. So what? I was even luckier because my baby is exactly like me. We spent the whole summer trying to eat little for breakfast in order not to spoil our appetite for a decent meal after sleeping in. 


So this morning we managed our way to school, with a brand new backpack and uniform, not to mention noteboos, books and the like. I've always loved the smell of fresh school stationery. Together with books smell, the lovely fresh scent of paper, ink, and glue of new books drives me mad. Awwwww!

A fierce second grader! Wow!

I know, her backpack is bigger then her! But believe me, they're the standard size, because the small ones are for kindergarten. It'll be full for the first couple of days only, when she has to bring all the new stuff to school, so it's not too bad after all. It's about juinor school quantity that I worry about. When I was young we had to bring oh so many books to class, and those stupid teachers didn't even agree that we shared them with our desk mates. 

The thing that I find illogical is that education is mandatory here in Italy until 16, but then the government passes books for elementary years only. When the quantity rises, they sometimes give a 200 euros bonus, depending on lower incomes, and that's it. Oh well, definitely better than in Greece this year, where the Prime Minister didn't have clue about school and didn't furnish students with books. It's sad governments don't consider schools the best platform where to invest money. I don't know about your countries, but here ministers are too busy trying to survive their scandals at the moment!

So now, after waking up at (shocking) 7am after a whole peaceful summer, I feel tired rotten. Alice will adapt to her new rhythm soon. It's me, the mom, the one who is supposed to teach her good manners, who is trouble. 

Sometimes I feel so lucky, Alice was a piece of cake of a baby, never demanding, always passing her milestones with flying colors and with no particular problems. She didn't even storm that badly as a toddler. Always so well mannered and sweet and dreamy. I just hope she won't decide for a revenge as a teen. Oh my, I'm not ready fot that. Not. at. all.


  1. I'm a night owl too and like to wake up late, it's one of my favorite things on earth LOL :D although I can't do it any more :S How are Alice's first days at school? And about the books... Here the goverment only passes books for public schools, not for private ones and most middle and upper class people go to private schools. Public schools don't have good reputation or the best teachers :(

  2. Hey, you can sleep in again when your boys will be teens, hang in there! :)
    Alice's first days were great, thanks. She loves school, today she even complained that they doo too many activities and not real studies! LOL My little nerd!
    Public schools are fine here. Some teachers are very prepared, though demotivated by low salaries. The fact private teachers are better paid doesn't mean they're better prepared.


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