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04 January 2011

Cruising around

My idea of cruise ships was one of those types of vacation that I've always doubted as being for me, with all that non-stop food, dressing for dinner and elderly people wearing too much jewellery. The opportunity of visiting a different destination almost every day was the only appealing aspect. 

And in fact, by investigating the different itineraries that Costa Crociere offers during the holidays, we ended up being fascinated by a Christmas cruise in the Mediterranean. It not only landed in places we had never visited before, apart from Barcelona, but it also had an all inclusive package and offered lots of kids entertainment that sounded like a perfect opportunity for some romantic couple time. So we decided to take the plunge.

And after this sort of entry-level trip just to see if "you are the type", I now know that I am not. You truly wake up and find a new view every day, travelling in comfort and without packing and unpacking suitcases. But times in some ports are quite short and there is not time to fully explore all of the area, just a glimpse at the famous places. 

Secondly, they're extremely well organized, service is very efficient on board, but still there're crowds everywhere and at every time of day and night, and if you want to escape outside to avoid the laid-on enterteinment, ports are industrial and not very romantic places to be moored. Therefore, anything than an overnight run gests tedious.

Least but not last, apart from sickness that is always a possibility and in my case very real because my personal sensitivity is high, all inclusive means full board and doesn't include on board drinks, which  are outrageously expensive and it's not like you have many alternatives left. They soon mount up if you don't budget carefully, which, added to activities you're forced to book through their excursions desk, cost much. 

But well, we managed to have a great time anyway, despite all the drama that happend 10 minutes before leaving. I was so in need of distracting myself and eager to explore new destinations that I decided to ignore all the negativity/cons and concentrate on the pleasure I always take from travelling, no matter what. And it paid!

Greetings from Costa Magica and the different places we visited! (aka Palermo-Sicily, Tunis-Tunisia, Palma de Mallorca-Spain, Barcelona-Spain, Marseille-France, Montecarlo -Monaco)


  1. I'd love to be on a cruise one day, for the different travel experience that brings, but I don't know why I think I'm not a cruise person either. I'm worried I get dizzy and kind of claustrofobic. Your cruise stops were beautiful places, it's a shame the schedule didn't fit the time one need to explore them, but at least you have a nice time and above all a new adventure! By the way, I guess you're still traveling-to-yourinnerself- I wish you a bon voyage and finding new paths! Kisses!

  2. yes i am olivia, but it's getting better daily, and it feels good. i'm proud to be so analytic with myself. what doesn't kill us makes us stronger and i decided to transform all the negativity into energy. time to move ahead now! yeah!


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