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11 December 2010

The mysterious parcel

It's not Christmas if you don't have your share of struffoli in Naples, that's what Al's mother must have thought. Since this year we won't be visiting her, she decided to treat her son with some delicious specialties of the Neapolitan cuisine. She's an excellent chef, nothing to say about her skills. She could only spoil us more often eh eh eh

Isn't this better than finding bills or commercials in your in-box? It definitely is! They are, clockwise: torrone dei morti, struffoli and roccocò.

The torrone is traditionally baked on All Saints festivities and it's kept extra for Christmas. The month that passes allows the cocoa and the variety of suffings, like hazelnuts, dried and candy fruits, to melt and mix better.

Roccocò are made with toasted almonds, minced candid fruits, lemon, orange and pisto.

As for struffoli, they're fried dough balls with honey, sugar and confetti. Sticky and delicious!

They're present with many other cakes on every Neapolitan table at Christmastime. Yummy!

Traditonal spumante couldn't be missed with all this cookery. Sparkling cheers!


  1. I am sure it made Alfonso's day:))

  2. oh yeah, alfie was very happy :)

  3. This makes me hungry!!


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