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14 December 2010

The hard life of a Diva

"Ali, your friend Irene complained you called her an enemy today. Is that true?"
"She's my peer, not my friend. And anyway, no! It's not true!"
"Maybe it's like you made her feel. I'm not happy with that word, Miss. There's no enemy at your age!"
"But I never said anything like that, Mom!"
"Okay, but that's how she perceived you and it's not nice. Wouldn't you feel miserable at her place?"
"Well, I don't stick like glue to friends, so NO!"
"Maybe she just loves you and likes to be with you."
"Argh!" rolling eyes at the sky "Couldn't you ask her to back off for a day? And then she could be back to torment me for ever like she does now."
"Ali ..."
"I just need one day off from her. I just need peace. Gosh, being a leader is so hard!"


  1. i know! but sometimes she's scary. she is like an adult to me! yuck!

  2. Good luck to Al and you Elda! XD

  3. ahahah i know, i know roula, she's hard work!!! but such a joy too! :)


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