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09 December 2010

Meal at Suban

National Holidays are perfect when they fall in the middle of the week. We do have this big Catholic feast here on December 8, after the Immaculate Conception of Mary was solemnly defined as dogma by Pope Pius IX on December 8 1854. Churches hold special masses everywhere and in some cities they have processions too. In my region Abruzzo people celebrate with bonfires, to warm up Our Lady on her special day. I have very vivid memories of my paternal grandmother putting up wood for a spectacular bonfire in the country. It was a feast!

We wanted to something a bit special for the occasion, so we booked a place in this exclusive old taverna, Suban, that dates back to 1865 and enjoyed a lovely treat there. Food was delicious but the best part was spending some quality family time surrounded by such a cozy atmosphere and served by a very gentle stafff. The place is unique and has its own mitteleuropean charm.

They offer special food prepared with peculiar ingredients, like this yummy mix we had today: carpaccio with grana cheese and fried artichokes as an entry, gnocchi with bacon and asparagus, fillet with bacon and cheese and as a dessert, a delicious hungarian rigo jancsi. We chose a Tocai as red wine to go with.

And it shows on our happy faces, right? :)


  1. May you always have nice days like the one you had yesterday and re-live the warmth and fuzziness of your childhood in Abruzzo soon. Hugging you.....

  2. awwww, thas so much, you favorite assassin of mine! LOL

  3. I think I got fatter just by looking at these pics:)) I am glad you had such a nice meal.. a day off is welcome just about anytime:))

  4. eheheh you're right, sandra! thanks!


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