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14 December 2010


Spending a lovely afternoon out with one of your closest friends is a blessing. If it's sunny and the weather is perfect for photoshooting, no matter the freezing temperature, then the experience is priceless too.

It's what happened to me last Sunday with Sandra. We hadn't seen much of each other recently, so reuniting was fantastic for these reasons and more. She took me to this historical place I've always wanted to visit and that was on our 'TO DO' list for ever, the saltpans of Secovlje.

The area is extensive, its basic activity is the production of the salt and other salt-pans products but there are four distinct natural reserves of relevant botanical and ornithological importance too. Thus the place was declared park in 1989 first and then, to preserve the exceptional landscape and ecological value even more, in 1993 these saltpans became the first Slovenian wetlands to be put on the on the Ramsar List.

Part of the policy is protecting the saltpan ecosystem that has been disappearing. 45 species from the Slovenian Endangered Plant Species Red List grow in the area. Only a few vertebrates can survive in the extreme ecological conditions of the saltpans.

Also, saltpans are a natural fish farm and they are well known as an extraordinary ornithological location. They are a nesting ground for numerous birds and the northern-most Mediterranean station for migrating birds. Occasionally, more than 200 different bird species live in the saltpans, while some ninety bird species regularly nest there.

Like two hypnotized ghosts, taking pics and occasionally talking to each other, Sandra and I wandered through this wonderland made of countless paths, gates, bridges, channels, leeves and both abandoned and functioning basins.

 Example of an abandoned basin.

The functioning ones are used for the harvest of the salt maintaining the traditional procedures of the entire process. It must be extremely interesting to  watch and capture the salters at work.

The harvest happens in July. On that occasion and earlier, I must go again, maybe during Spring,  to see the ruins  of the old salt-pan houses and the mill. Because this was just a general vision, you know? And it was quite productive. And peaceful. And in the best of companies hey! What a blast!



  1. What a nice tribute to the salt pans...and our friendship! You are most welcome, darling:)

  2. everything for you, my dear. i hope we'll have as many lovely days as this for ever! :)


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