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05 December 2010

The fall of the beast

Mac 27 OS X i5 was nominated Best Professional Software of 2010. Crashes are rare, but happen. And it happened to me! My Mac died last Sunday night and after dirty language, elevated heart rate and high blood pressure, I took it for assistance by taxy on monday afternoon, because they were closed in the morning. It was like going to a funeral.

They still haven't fixed it and, while waiting to have it back new and shining again, it just bugs me when I hear these Mac purists babbling on about how Macs are so damned perfect. They probably would blame the user now, but in my case power supply and logic board are involved, so the problems are quite different. Bah!


  1. By Slovenian law (and I guess it should be the same for all EU), you can ask for a new product or return of the money if a product breaks down in the first 6 months that you had it. It's not a warranty right, it's a liability thing (I don't know the right English or Italian expressions). I bought my Dad a TV, it broke down in the first week (!?), I took it back to the shop and asked for the money back. They wanted to repair it but I stood my ground and after some words and bosses we got our money back.

  2. yeah, roula, and i'm VERY upset :(

    Sandra, I've had it for 8 months now, so I'm out of the new product phase in Slovenia too.
    Anyway, yes you're right, it should be the same all over EU. Here in Italy you can have a new product only after assistance tries to repair it for 3 times. Nobody, and I say nobody, will ever give you the money back like they did to you! Argh!

  3. Maybe you should buy your stuff in Slovenia?:)) I am sure we didn't come up with that consumers law all by ourselves... it's definitely a EUropean law


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