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02 December 2010

Talented people

There's a guy whose work I got to appreciate on Facebook and today I'm here to share his incredible talent with you. His name is Andrea Vignetti. I'm very fond of his pictures because they are simple and yet deeply powerful. I like the agreeable way he captures moments but most of all I like his freedom predisposition, which naturally shows in his compositions.

By looking at his pictures, you get the impression to front the essential facts of life. In Andrea's case, they much revolve around water and air, which seem to be his elements.

His way of capturing the world seems absolutely free from all the wordly engagements and denotes that kind of freedom that is necessary to preserve health and spirits.

And then, as it often happens to free souls, Andrea explores solitude too, "that zone of time and space, free from the outside pressures, which is the incubator of the spirit" (Marya Mannes). That solitude that is the glory of being alone.

This last shot looks like a reinterpretation of Munch's lonely paintings. The dramatic use of black and white exasperates the girl's condition.

I got extremely curious about this guy and I thought it could be nice to ask him a few questions, which he was so cool to agree with. So I prepared a short interview and sent him via email, to which he replied promptly. And today I'm honoured to publish it here on my blog. Andrea is from Abruzzo, which is just a plus.

I had so many questions to ask him but I kept it simple, I'll let his work talk for himself (please visit his website for more enchanting photos.)  

Elda: Hi Andrea, tell us something about yourself, please.

Andrea: My name's Andrea Vignetti, I was born in Penne in 1977 and I live in Lanciano. I'm a worker in a factory but my biggest passion is photography and I devote my whole free time to it.

E: What's the philosophy behind your photography?

A: I think nowadays life is too manic, therefore we don't have time to appreciate moments and details of life, which can give unique emotions. I use my camera to capture all this.

E: Do you have any particular subject you like to capture?

A: Well, I like all but I love photographing people and their souls.

E: What are your favorite lenses?

A: I love blurr so I prefer to use optical lights.

E: What are your favorite settings?

A: I always set my camera on Manual even if sometimes I use Aperture priority.

E: Do you do a lot of editing afterwards?

A: I'm lazy with retouching. I just adjust levels.

E: If you had to photograph a celebrity, who would he be and how would you portrait him?

A: I don't know whom, but I'd tell him to be himself!

E: What do you shoot best and in which would you like to improve?

A: I think I do good reportages, and I'd like to improve in everything else.

E: Do you have any particular photo/project you're proud of?

A: No but when I review my pics it's like viewing them for the first time again, as each of them gives me different emotions.

E: Is there any photographer who inspires you?

Thanks to Andrea for being so nice to me, and I wish him luck and success in this great adventure that is photography. He's destined for great things, he only has to fulfill his potential. Go Andrea, go!

"There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are." - Ernst Haas


  1. Ciao,

    complimenti a te, complimenti ad Andrea,

    "congratulations to portray"

    Mariana Tigaroi

  2. Grazia Mariana! Torna spesso a trovarmi su questo blog. A presto xxx

  3. interesting,bravo

  4. Thanks, Ian. I had a look at your blog and it's interesting too. Please keep visiting these pages!


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