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19 November 2010

A Time for Everything turns one!

I celebrate my first blogoversary today. One year ago I was stepping out in the blogosphere, skeptical and intimidated by the whole visible thing. I didn't have any specific goal in my mind, just updating my friends about what's going on in my life now that I'm away from regular letter writing.

Slowly I got into the spirit of blogging, perceiving what I could get out of it through the months. I delved into the topics more deeply, with more specific details and references, venturing and experimenting on the way.

I still think that blogging is an act of courage that requires considerate fortitude, but I enjoy the thrill of it as I believe it's an extraordinary act of self-expression too. Let's face it: if I don't empty my mind, I go nuts. And if i do it and then some people read me too, it's considerably reassuring and cathartic.

Thus I want to thank all my regular readers and especially commenters. The conversation adds a tremendous amount of value to the whole experience. For this, let me encourage readers to comment more. Keep me up with the good work, folks. The key to longevity is in motivation and I need that from you!

According to blog statistics, most new bloggers last about a month, and most blogs are left fallow. So surviving for one year is something of an accomplishment. Fortunately, keeping my humble blog going isn't hard for me. I have only just started and I'm looking forward to  more posting.  All you guys have to do is hang in there and see what's next!


  1. Congrats! It is indeed a wonderful way to express oneself. And if you get read, and people take an interest in you, all the better!!
    Keep on going!!

  2. Ciao Elda!!!! Congratulations on the first year of your blogue, I believe this is a way of talking, sharing ideas and get some new point of views and also since you are such a communicative person you are defintly the blog kind of women. Because you talk about many things, I think you talk almost all the subjects of a women who is a women, a wife, a mother, a friend...

    :)I can't remember exactly but you are 37 and I am 36 and I think we are friends since we were teenagers, I am not sure if we were 18 on that time... I don't think so because we were both on High School. So a year more, a year less, maybe we are friends for 20 years!!!Uau, I am so happy with that because we are not "virtual friends", we have seen each other more than once, we talk a lot and we even had babies almost at the same time and in the same year!!! Maybe it was destiny. I believe most of the things happen for a reason and I AM VERU HAPPY TO HAVE YOU IN MY LIFE.

    Celebrate!!! Enjoy Life!!! Live! Smile!! CARPE DIEM (and have a glass of red wine)!!

  3. They say everything happens for a reason and if it is true I would love to know what I have done right and Destiny gave me the chance to know you.

    Facebook says we are friends since October 2009 and since we are also celebrate a year of a wise, surprising, fun, giving, musical, humorous and God knows what else friendship, allow me to take the chance and say here before of your friends how damn lucky I am to have met you and ask a question: Why on Earth didn't you send this friendship request earlier? Ha? And if you going to ask the same let me tell you that I was shy to. Shy cos I doubt a woman with your spirit, humor and intelligence would want to be friends with me. But I am so lucky you took this decision for me.

    I have gotten to know myself through our talks and fell important to know you trust me and my crazy opinion and most of all respect it no matter how harsh it can be sometimes. You are my sister, my soul-mate, the Dj of my teen years, a cook I am aspired from, my personal shrink, a life role model. You are MY Elda and I love you beyond words.

    PS Heh, the blog is OK too! LMAO

  4. Thanks Claudia, Sofia and Roula, your words of encouragment and support made my day here! :)

    Claudia, an audience, even small, is truly motivating, it makes you feel your voice is listened. And yoru blog rocks too!

    Sofia, yes, you're one of my oldest friends so you know me pretty well and can say truly if this blog mirrors me or not. I can't cheat, I must be myself here. And I like to write about many differenttopics that can be of interest for anyone, being mothers, wives, singles, travellers or more.I'm happy to have you in my life of course too dear, the feeling is mutual. Otherwise we couldn't be here after so many years! I love you!

    As for you, Roula, you're my recent friend but I love you to pieces already and feel like you're a sister! When you feel such strong emotions for someone, who's always there ready for you anytime and who has your same sense of humour and such, you feel like not only to belong to the same club of aliens ahahha but also strong enough to live. Yes, darling, to live! You give me strenght and courage and motivation to go on and move ahead and say 'I'm dooing my best, no matter what!'. And that's the most important thing of all, at the end of some difficult days.

    So thanks everyone for beign here for me. I truly love you al!!!


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