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15 November 2010

Shivering song

A relationship that begins in the summer is healthy,
It's like crafty songs
while someone else takes the dog out.
All that summer sweating makes it wet 
but when it falls it knows how to laugh at itself.
It's younger,
it keeps the windows open
telling the world.
If the sun were sense humoured, it'd agree with it,
like a grandfather does with his smartest grandchild.
A relationship that begins in the summer isn't scared of skin cancer.
It's not scared at all.
Others can call it stupid,
low profile,
They can keep their mirros inside.

Those who agree with it
let others know they still blame it while they keep saying:
''We all have a life."
Abysses are not different,
fortune or its contrary aren't neither.
This relationship only takes less to be naked.
It makes St Lorenzo's job easier,
it takes care of itself
with no need to shave,
no make up.
 A relationship that begins in the summer 
missed spring,
but it'll never worry about the imminent autumn.

Luciano Ligabue

Translated by me (as best as I could)

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