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19 November 2010

A pleasant surprise

Today was a day filled with joy, pride, emotions and surprise. We bought the monthly magazine Disney Princess to find out that they had published the drawing and letter Alice had sent to them back in the summer! She was so excited and of course now I'm feeling such a proud mom! 

Here's the translation of what she made me write to Jasmine, word by word, no cheating!

Hi Jasmine! 
I'm Alice from Trieste and I'm 5. I always follow you on my favorite magazine and you're my favorite princess. I like you so much that I wanted my birthday cake with your image on! I'd like an advice from you: how can I find a prince like Aladdin to fly with on the carpet? I'd like to be like you so much and know how the houses of your village Agrabah look like. Your stories fascinate me! 
Goodbye for now and kisses.
 Pincess Alice (Trieste)
And here's Jasmine's wise reply:

Dear Alice, 
having a friend like you is beautiful: you're sweet, curious, dreamer and adventurous! Pease keep these virtues and you not only will conquer a fantastic prince, but you'll also find many wonderful friends. I like the way you're itnerested in my village and I hope that my stories are enough for you. But if you want to get to know more about it, here's an advice: go to a library and look for all that interests you. You'll see, it'll be a good habit that will let you fly away with your mind and with your heart! 
A big kiss, 
your Jasmine

I'm so happy for her, she's 5 and she's only just started to step out in this world. I was so like her but without any parent's support, out there fighting without any armor on, whereas she has all my help devotion. Cute little thing of mine! I wish her so many of these rewarding and succesfull moments. Like she always says, she has a whole life in front of her and my best hope as a mom is she becomes what she wants. Go Alice, go!

I immediately decided to treat her with some muffins, then. Such a special event deserves a special baking, doesn't it? And she was allowed as many as she wanted, for once. Damn!

I also cooked a speciality for dinner. Time to celebrate big style for proud parents too, hey! :) It's an Eggplant Parmigiana, whose full recipe you can find on the other blog I post for.

Wow, what a glorious day! I even began writing my new novel. I kept researching for characters all these months and felt the story exploding in my mind all the way and then today it finally dawned on me. I couldn't ask for more for my first blogoversary :)

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