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13 July 2010

intolerable heat

temperature is over +32°C at the moment and i'm sweating to death. all my energies are gone, i'm a lazy bump who drinks a lot and dreams about visit scandinavia for the first time ever. my period is about to arrive, the stress is even harder to fight.

 i should be by the pool like this all day to keep sane!

at least i've a good book to keep me company, the other daughter by lisa gardner. it's really entartaining.

will i survive?

another couple of days and then i'll go back to abruzzo for some genuine holidays. i really can't wait to see my nana and old friends again. i may even stay an extra week, depending on the actvities scheduled. we'll see. 

right now, i've to find the courage and get some ironing done. wish me luck! yuck!

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