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12 July 2010

about summer and me

it's official: i don't like summer anymore. 

it used to be my favorite season. i used to be in love with hours at the beach, whereas now the only thought of it makes me slightly sick. i still enjoy it, but i get bored of it after a while. and i don't see much sense in it. but mainly, i can't tolerate the sun anymore. after 5 minutes i start sweating to death. i used to sunbath a lot and without protection. i was tan obsessed. what a maroon, huh?

i was also more tolerant with the heat. now, a constant temperature of +28°C can make me complain. also because i'm kind allergic to the air conditioning. and i hate all those insect bites on my daughter. i'm tired of using repellents, that lead to medication all the same.

i still enjoy the sounds of cycadas, but dislike long siestas and the sense of urban abandon. i don't have to drive and drive in the neighborhood looking for a parking lot, because the city is deserted, but i hate, i simply hate, entering my boiling car and hoping the airco works and quick for once. that's the only moment when i feel blessed to have it in my toyota.

people change, yeah. now i love autumn and the peace and comfort that it brings after a boiling season. my favorite month is september. late september, if there's an indian summer. how i wish late september lasted for a coule of months a year! in that way the fall would last longer too. yeah, definitely!


  1. Welcome to my world:)) And "oldhood":))))

  2. ahahha you're right, sweetie. it's oldhood! :)

  3. We're having +30C these the last couple of days and I can absolutely agree with you :)

  4. I agree with you, with almost everything, but deep inside I love summer for one thing only-the liberation the evening breeze gives me, sweet and cuddling, warm and caring. It is not summer for me unless I feel "the" breeze" on my face. Does it make any sense?

  5. yes roula, it makes sense, perfectly. i didn't say i hate summer, i just said i don't like it anymore. and you can't stop liking the warm breeze!


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