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19 April 2010

a growing workaholic

'ali, i thought you wanted to be a teacher, why a hairdresser now?'

'mmmh, it was only to please rocco, he wanted to open a store with me sooo much! i dind't want to offend him, you know?'

'i see. that's nice of you'

'i want to be an artist now'

'do you?'

'yes, an artist of a musem, because i love drawing, so there'll be expositions of my drawings'

'that's a cool job, darling'

'but i won't have time to sign autographs, u know mom?'

'why not? your public is important!'

'yes but if i don't work i become poor! i'll only sign the first ones, then i'll keep working. the others can come another time!'


  1. Kids do have ways to impress us, right? Well, she wants to be an artist, but certainly not a poor or unknown one ;)

  2. LOL es, it seems to be like that with ali. and i'll support her in everything she wants to do. important is she does it with dignity and honesty!


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