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19 April 2010

anthology of a moving -1

since the messy part of my childhood (with me belonging to 2 different hometowns) is covered, i'd like to write about the many movings and places i lived in my past. they're quite a few, so i need to do it in several posts, starting from the most recent one here. 

this coming august it'll be 3 years since we moved to trieste. al was offered a very important position here, as general manager of a plant of the same company but in a different business, and we relocated not even 1 year after buying our own house in lanciano. we had lived in abruzzo for the previous 4 years.

after making our decision, we came here in may 2007 to enroll alice in a kindergarten. we spent one week in a stylish, old hotel downtown, grand hotel duchi d'aosta. while al was busy making presentations and getting oriented in his new job, i toured around trieste visiting schools and looking for a residence for us to stay later. part of al's contract was that the company offered 6 months free- accomodation, the right time for us to chose a house and move in there later.

once our duties were well and done, al moved here in june and started to work, commuting home to lanciano nearly every weekend until august, when alice and i moved definitely too. he stayed solo in this tiny, small apartment in a nice residence in porto san rocco, muggia. 

i was potty-training alice during that time, you can see her little cute traning chair in the first pic :)

we spent here 1 week in july as a family, then we all went back to lanciano using al's summer hols to get organized and pack our basic things. at the end of these 2 weeks, we moved to porto san rocco, but this time we were assigend a bigger flat in a nicer complex with garage and super view over the gulf of trieste.

it was so very beautiful, lots of space to play and walk. our fall was enchanting in there. i've very nice  memories of our first months in friuli, enjoying my then vivid toddler out and about.

it was only in november of the same year that we found our current partment and moved to trieste. by that time we had to go back to lanciano to pack big time. we did our more personal packing and since the company paid for this, we just got all the rest of the job done, an extra save of time and energy. everything went really well and smooth. the driver and crew were on time, there were no scratches or dents and everything was there.

in the meantime, since we had put our new house up for rent and there were a few families interested, we used those days for reaching a rental agreement and drawing up a contract. we ended up renting to a company which will use our house for his expatriates and their families. our house is rented out to a japanese family currently. and they're taking very good care of the plants i left in our top-roof terrace :) apart from this, this long distance rental is working fine because of the property manager of this company, who makes sure rent is paid, there're no damages and mistakes. we were lucky. 

now that we're pretty sure we won't certainly go back to abruzzo again, we'd like to sell our house and buy something smaller, maybe by the sea, in abruzzo. with all the mess and debts my parents have and will have, i'd like to have a reference in my native region. something like a condo of 60 sq ft won't force us to rent it out, so we can use it for our holidays every summer and we can possibily land for a getaway or host friends every time we want. we'll see. life has its ups, downs, curves and straight paths, and sometimes it goes sideways. important is always thinking positive hey!


  1. Very pretty views!!
    I have never moved, can you believe it?! I've been put at my current home since I was born. Still, the idea of moving and having a new home sounds appealing, yet nostalgic, as I would certainly missed my neighborhood and friends around.

  2. It was interesting to read about your "moves", I'd love to read the other parts too! You're lucky to have rented your house in Lanciano to such caring people :) It's a great idea you're planning to buy something there in the future to remind you and your family of the land where you come from.

  3. you're not the only one, claudia. i know lots of pople who have never moved like you. and lots of people who think this nomadic lifestyle of ours leads nowhere. i think it's enriching us, instead. point of views, huh?

    oli, i'm penning other posts soon, i've lots to cover in here! and yes, i definitely want to have a point of reference in my beloved native region for sure!


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