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10 April 2010

going bold

i felt particularly confident today, and when this happens, i allow myself the freedom to go colorful with my clothing. with my fuchsia sweater and leggins, sand boots and bag, a denim skirt and nails painted in the same turquoise of my jacket, i felt well coordinated and like i never dared this much!

maybe robert frost got it right when he said "i never dared be radical when young for fear it would make me conservative when old". i'm not having any affair, like al insinuated today, i'm not even living my mid-life crisis, like my brother suggested. it's pure breaking out of my comfort zone, and embracing a little more color. is it too weird to accept?

oh well ... 

since al badly needed business suits and a few more casual clothing, he proposed a vist to the palmanova outlet village today. there're several citadel shopping areas in italy, their outlet stores seem to be very convenient. i'm not a fan of brands, i go cheap shopping all the time. peacocks and primark are my favorite heavens, c&a is their substitute as they don't have stores in italy (c&a isn't here neither but there're some stores in slovenia). neverthless, i never mind checking out what opportunities i can find in diffferent places.

the trip was productive indeed. al found and bought what he was looking for, while it was all about shoes for me and ali. these colored hiking sandals are perfect for our imminent trip to morocco.

while these ballerina flats can be worn on these days of unstable weather.

i got alice these practical puma sneakers instead. they were only 10 euros and i bought them immediately, even if they're a bit big for her. she can always wear them in the fall.

feeling happy with these deals here! :) i don't even have to feel guilty or wonder if it was retail therapy, since this time i was not even willing to buy. life is good!


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