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12 April 2010

when the cat's away ...

ops, i did it again! i'm obsessed with another celebrity gossip, the sex scandal about sandra bullock and jesse james. it seems like the never ending story, with the 4 mistresses coming out and claiming jesse's infidelity, sandra's low profile after winning her first oscar, jesse's rehab treatment, sandra's alleged late pregnancy and now the sex tape.

such a glorious moment ruined by a wanna-be something, who obviously doesn't deserve this modest, down-to-earth woman, who actually doesn't act like a star and is sweet and who sholud be on top ot the world now. she's truly devastated instead, not handling infidelity like a celebrity, the way some rich people do. she doesn't deal with it by immersing in major retail therapy, doesn't feel sorry for the other woman because of her poor choice, she doesn't even go to the presses. she just tries to find confort in friends. i hope she'll get over this with dignity and move ahead with her life. the world is full of caring and loving men!

it seems like elin is a step ahead in the process, instead, refusing to forgive and pressing ahead with a divorce with her philandering husband woods. their marriage has been getting worse after a brief period where they appeared to be growing closer. open you eyes, elin! tiger may have given up his childhood and freedom to please his father, like jim carey said in his defence, but nobody forced him to. he was disrespectful, he caused pain so he has no excuses. rehab doens't certainly cure a serial love cheater like him.

"everything that arises goes rightly to its ruin," said goethe's devil to faust, "so it would be better for nothing to arise." it's very unsual to confess an affair, usually cheaters go public only when their flings are caught. and once the scandal surfaces, should cheated people stay or go? should they be willing participants on the ride for whatever reason (kids/lifestyle)?

hollywood is saturated with sex scandals. here's a resume of the most famous extra-marital affairs:

i know, it is so pathetic, but you can confess it here to me: you do it too! it's not all about curiosity, the subject intrigues me deeply not only because infidelity seems to be part of the job of being a celebrity, but because it hits normality too. numerous people cheat. their night stands or affairs don't feed the media sharks, still they cause many divorces, ruin self-esteem with ripercussion on whole families. 
why do people cheat? i've always wanted to know. i cheated myself once on my main ex. i know why i deliberatly did it: it was towards the end of our 7 years long relationship, it wasn't going anywhere and i was so frustrated that i went wild with the hope he could hate me. unsuccesfully. the fact i provokely told him only helped him love me more! many people don't know why they're unfaithful, though. some admit it makes them feel good, others realize they've got problems and they try to solve them with someone else. a few embrace the fact that monogamy is impossible and feel not at ease with it. a very few ones think they're selfish and nobody realizes they cause pain. why?
so far, none has come up with a valid explanation yet. people keep to be attracted to someone else other than the person they are with, thinking that anyone who says that's not true is a liar, convinced that just because one cheats doesn't mean they don't love the person they're with, repeating confindently that a person can love more than a person. so the cheating cycle continues, bringing consequences such as hate, revenge, emotional disaster and family disintegration. 
to me, a cheater is a dishonest person, with himself in the first place. he shouldn't be punished, because his fault is not a crime, but he doesn't deserve a second chance. cheating is just another form of lying, and who wants to be with a liar? a sick person, weather it is due to external or internal factors, shouldn't be taken back. every human is prone to temptations, oh yes, they can hit anyone from any situation. but i believe that we're more human feeling resentment afte a cheating that being prone to it. cheating is not natural, and the relationship is not going to be stable again. pain will never heal. that's human instead!

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