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10 April 2010

rite of passage

this has been  a pretty intense week for me. a job offer got concrete, i should start next month. i've been cleaning my house like crazy (i'm close to have my own studio organized) but, more importantly, my baby learned to ride her bike without training wheels.

she was very ready. she had a very good balance and coordination on her two wheels scooter already, she only had to master pedaling and steering. her balance played a huge part on how fast she learned. the classic method of running up and down the street trying to hold her for a while dind't work with her. she had much more control of the process on her own. so, once teaching her the basic movements, she experimented with the pedals on and on again until she rode off. and there i was, behind a camera, filming and crying and screaming out loud. it was a truly memorable event. 

this is some seriou stuff hey! i'm proud of her result ... my baby! it's her first vehicle and i'm glad i succeed well in this important task too. teaching bicycle education is something every parent must undertake at some point. i don't even remember when and how i learned, who taught me, and even if i asked my mom, she wouldn't even know the answer. she barely remembers my birth weight.

alice is becoming very confident by the day and we'll soon get all equipped for family trips around. i can't wait!

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