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19 April 2010

childhood dreams

i had a look at the new drawnings exposed in ali's school hall this morning after leaving her. the project was 'what do you want to become when you grow up?' and there were many nice occupations listed, the most famous being doctors, firemen, nurses. the one that caught my attention was the posh girl in colorful clothes and jewels. 'i want to be like president berlusconi, because he has billions!', her drawining said. hilarious but .. what the heck, my daughter doesn't even know who our premier is!

alice's drawing was more modeste and pretty concrete. she drew a saloon with a few clients inside and herself like a hairdresser. she's always said she wanted to be a pre-school teacher, i wonder what happened. maybe she changed her mind when her peer rocco told her his mom is a hairdresser herself. in this kid's drawing, in fact, his desire was to open a saloon with alice! awwwww, kids! 

what did you want to become in the future, when you were little? why? and what has become of it?

many of the things i enjoy most today did not exist as possibilities when i was a child. i wanted to be a ballet dancer, a tennis player and a ice-skating athlete, while my life isn't sporty at all! i was influenced by the type of cartoons i watched. when it started to become ‘real’ in my teenage years, i wanted to be a writer and i haven't changed my mind eversince. it's something i get very close to today with this blog. i don't make an icome from it, so i can't say my goal was pursued, but as long as i get to practice my passion, i don't care. so i keep going!

ps: sandra, this is the first time i use your camera tripod. i didn't need it so far but now that i've started, there'll be lots of selfies to come! way to go!


  1. Hey, you should use the tripod every time when shooting indoors because of the poor light - it stabilizes the camera.
    I wanted to be a veterinarian (but not a fan of blood and I would hate to have to euthanize animals), journalist (but I am too lazy for that), translator (didn't seem like a great career at that time), and ended up being a lawyer. When I grow up I want to be a gardener or animal shelter owner.

  2. I also wanted to be a ballet dancer as a kid and a broadway performer as a teenager, then I wanted to be a doctor, but as sandra, I'm not fan of blood. Before finishing school I discovered that writing was something I enjoy very much and decided to study Communications. I ended up in a publishing company :) and I dance every time I can in front of the mirror :D


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