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18 April 2010

all about shoes

i know, i'm addicted, but how could i resist these beautiful sandals? cheap, comfy and trendy, at my favorite new mall, tus. there're all the shops i need in there, and the best playhouse ever. even my easily bored hubbie found a pair of working shoes for himself. i couldn't ask for more! yeah! 

not so much is going on over here. all my family is sick. ali started to have a second round of otitis, i had my temperature altered because of my throat inflammation, as usual, and i had to be put on antibiotics for the third time this year. now al is getting sick too. but at least ... we've got shoes! 


  1. thanks darling, already feeling better now. hopefully it will be the same for ali an al!

  2. I do love shoes too! What's about them, I don't know! I hope all your family gets better soon! Kisses!

  3. i don't know why shoes attract us so much. maybe because each pair gives us a new look and we love to look different?


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