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17 April 2010

odd facts

mmmh ... something strange is happening here, i didn't finish my pizza yesterday. we ordered a home delivery and i chose the nutella tip. i enjoyed every bit of what i ate it but left a large portion in the box ...

my husband joked and said maybe that' the reason why the volcano erupted in such a devastating dust way in iceland, meaning it's a very unsual and rare event. i feel sorethroated, maybe that's why. or i'm simply getting motivated not to eat a lot now that i started to lose weight. yesterday i even managed to sit outside a bar with some friends not ordering any drink. and bars are my temptation in the afternoon! 

i really don't know. my appetite is lower because of family issues too, maybe. it's been happening so much lately that i don't even know how to blog about it. i feel like my past is drastically coming to term with present, and there's no more space for future with it. i feel broken. each time i think nothing more can happen, something else arrives and shakes me. it's a psychological disgrace, really.

i can only hope to be strong enough to endure all this, until it finally doesn't touch me anymore. i know i can do that! 


  1. OMG, that Nutella pizza looks so yummy! I've never seen or tasted a pizza with a sweet flavor. On the sour side, I'm sorry to read about your family issues, for me those issues are the most difficult to handle. I'm sending you vibes of strength, courage, patience and love.

  2. thanks oli,i neede good vibes but only to react and go on, because something is broken for ever and can't be reunited anymore now :(

    i'm not a fan of sweet flavors but this nutella thing is delicious with pizza, believe me!


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