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05 March 2010

wanted for sacrilege

what is it with people? at oviesse, the security guy followed me all over the place during my spring-trends  tour. do my skinny jeans, converse, hat and sporty bag make me look like a teen charged in store robbery? even later, at the lab center, the nurse was reluctant to give me MY test results. she looked through my id for a lot of time and even asked me my postal address before landing me the envelope. honestly, do i look so bad? or do i have to feel flattered by these facts in that i look younger?

anyway, i was out and about the whole morning. though with only +8°C because of the bora wind, the day was sunny and inspiring. with march in full swings, the official start of spring is only weeks away. and that means it's time to refresh my wardrobes. it looks as though we're in for a very green-based season, though also prevalent are pinks, blues, browns and even a neon green.

i think i'll stick to boring block colours on my lower half, for i i'm not particularly keen on the printed pants that have made their way into spring, whether floral, striped or abstract. i don't think i'll wear ripped denim neither. they're all about being sexy and revealing this year, unlike from the rebellious heavy metal torn denim of the 80's, or the loose grungy jeans of the 90's. my grandfather used to offer me money every time he saw me in my ripped jeans. 'go buy a new pair of pants', he would say. perhaps he wasn't that wrong!

i wonder what my grandmother would think of my idea of selling her necklace, now. it's just a gold item gathering dust in a drawer for me, so i'm considering to get the best price out of it. gold always shines and its price tended to rise with this bad economy, i got good offers for it. and since i don't plan to wear it, investing in a  reflex camera seems wiser and more useful for me. i could remember my paternal nana in every shot i take. i don't know.

what makes me feel like committing a sacrilege is that my nana's will was to baqueath her most precious jewel to the grandchild who tied the knot first. i'm the oldest so it was biologically me she addressed it, but you can't really tell. any of my cousins could have gotten married before me. my mother wouldn't approve if i asked her. but well, i don't talk to her about these things anymore. mmmh, hard choice! i'll take some more time to make my final decision. we'll see.

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