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06 March 2010

diva alert

according to acid-penned blogger perez hilton, who is specialised in hollywood daily happenings, gnr guitarist slash has been hitting the buffet hard, but it's a way better than drugs. it also seems that elin is moving back in with tiger woods after his extensive extramarital affairs. i'm definitely intrigued at what can possibly lead to such a decision. money? kids? low self-esteem? pure love? the golfer is a manwhore and i'm a firm believer of 'once a cheater, alawys a cheater'. i can only hope that tiger can prove wrong.

yeah, i indulged in my mild level of celebrity worship syndrome today. we look to stars to evaluate our own sexual behaviour and ethics, and maybe elin's decision can be inspiring. some celebrities really are. oprah winfrey suffered through poverty, sexual abuse and racial discrimination to become the wealthiest woman in media. others are over exposed (the j.lo effect) and leave all sick. thing is, we're all fascinated by celebrities to some degree. more than being interested in their rich and fabulous lives, i like to see what they wear, but i recognize that my level is a form of social bonding and entertainment too.

i think it's natural. social psychologists agree that we're bored, and living through movie stars is a way of alleviating that boredom. another recurring issue is that we're searching for identity, the evidence of which is that teenagers (those lost souls of adolescence) usually score highest on the celebrity attitude scale. social fragmentation might also play a part: as family and community values are crushed by tthe cult of individualism and an omnipresent media, perhaps fantasy relationships are becoming easier to form than real ones.

i’ve always had a very strong negative reaction to celebrity gossip. then a few years ago i was sucked into britney spears's downward spiral and became obsessed with her months-long saga of controversial behaviour that culminated with her shaved head in a bizarre episode. i wasn't even her fan, so why the fascination? simple: because i think that the process of obsessing on a celebrity is a process by which you can study the patterns by which that bit of our potential was realized. we learn even more about psychological dynamics when we observe the projections which we place upon others. so i believe there's some value in that. 

when we project onto another person, we literally see something of ourselves there and this projection starts granting a point of contact and familiarit, because we recognize traits within ourselves. in britney's case, i recognized my capacity of anger. as a matter of fact, i possess that trait to a smaller degree. it doesn't mean i like this element, but i mentally recognized that this traits exists in me, so i recognized archetypes within myself and accepted them. at that point we strive to see more clearly the person upon whom we've been projecting. if we're attentive to the person's behaviour and unique idiosyncrasies, we notice descrepancies between the rality and the projected image. then, using the rationate and feeling by which we have accepted ourselves, we accept the person as an independent individual who has purposes in life other that to be our projection screen. therefore, we assimilate. we no longer become unduly upset when we see the trait in someone else and we develop self-acceptance, humility, and a broadened sense of our identity and our potentials.

so, rather than giving me a little escape from myself for a moment, the drama of britney's life seemed to be the perfect magnet for looking far inward. it was also the best example of the increasing cognitive dissonance between what media tells us to feel and what many actually do. therefore, i don't feel ashamed whenever i reach for the gossip mags anymore. before, i was always afraid to catch some fellow shopper's disapproving eye.

on a more serious tone, but always celebrity related, i'm looking forwad to the oscars night on sunday. meryl streep's nomination for julia and julia could give her her 3rd oscar. she's more than a celebrity, a monster of a malleable actress who contributed to the history of cinema by holding the record for the most nominated actress (16 so far). i like her to bits, not only for the ability she has to get inside the role and make it completely real, but also because she remained true to herself. despite her worldwide recognition, she remains modest and realistic. "i try to lead as ordinary a life as i can. you can't get spoiled if you do your own ironing." this makes me like her even more.

her life surely trascends her career. streep says she often fails, as an actor, a mother and as a woman. but she thinks that failure serves her art. "it's the human frailty that most interests me in my work. to discover what is not perfect. i'm  in search of the thing that is broken. even in characters like julia, who is a character that's very happy, a happy woman". i predict that she'll win this year. i hope not to be wrong. 


  1. Liked this post. I'm a whore for celebrity related anything. How you feel about picking up one those magazines is how I am when buying chicklit at the bookstore

  2. really? interesting. this obviously shows how much different people are, but still, how we look for each other. thanks for commenting my posts and enjoying my blog, nutty brunette!


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