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04 March 2010

synthetic overview of italy

'do we admire? not always. can we remain unmoved? scarcely ever' - eugène fromentin


yes, the bel paese has become the joke of the world. forget about archeological sites, fashion, great food and landscapes, italy has become a country where politic is unbereable. where we discuss daily subjects that are normal democracy rights. where every year we fight to save national assets. where politicians are the oldest and most paid of the world. where soccer is a religion but without police and barriers no match could be watched. we're clearly in an upside down mess

all pics taken from la stampa and il corriere

can we survive? i don't know. let's ask maju, who translated this story from stefano benni, a satirical writer, poet and journalist. 

Hello. My name is A., I live at Milano 2, a building made by the Prime Minister.

I work at Milan, at a company whose main stockholder is the Prime Minister.

My car, that I use to go to work, is insured at a company also owned by the Prime Minister.

In the evening, I leave my workplace and go shopping to a supermarket of the Prime Minister, where I buy products manufactured in companies of the Prime Minister.

At night, I almost always watch the TV channels of the Prime Minister, where films (often produced by the Prime Minister) are interrupted with advertisements made by the publicity agency of the Prime Minister.

Then, I get bored and go to navigate a while through the Internet, using the server of the Prime Minister.

Particularly I watch the football results because I am a follower of the team of the Prime Minister.

Once a week or so I go to a cinema that belongs to a chain of the Prime Minister, where I watch a movie produced by the Prime Minister as well as the initial commercials made by the agency of the Prime Minister.

On Sundays I stay at home reading a book that is printed by a company of the Prime Minister.

Naturally, like in all democratic countries, also in Italy it is the Prime Minister who makes the laws, then sanctioned by a Parliament whose majority is in the hands of the Prime Minister.

Who, obviously, governs in MY best interest.

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