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03 March 2010

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well, i suppose it's time to tell what we did last weekend at some point, before i forget about it. i underline 'i suppose' because the things we saw are really worth a story and they can be interesting to view on pics for those of you who live abroad. this old part of europe is very enchanting and stylish, after all. 

we started our saturday with a visit to the fisherman village of nabrezina near duino, a town created for the istrian refugees after ww2. the aim was to let them feel at home by reproducing a place that looked like their abandoned villages. the result isn't spectacular, but at least the government did some efforts. and those people could enjoy a decent place rather than living in ugly, anonymous buildings in trieste or being sent to council houses in genova, milan or bologna.

buying fresh fish and seafood is a habit for many triestini here on saturday mornings. the place must become vivid and colorful on those days. i must go again and do a photo workshop of the trained, highly skilled professional fishermen who live here. i should also try to win my reluctance and buy at the local fishmongers, too. though i like fish, i don't usually cook it because i'm not into cleaning it. i (wrongly) prefer supermarkets that offer alternatives of distributing and packaging food. 

therefore, since i don't cook fresh fish at home, when we dine out we always chose seafood. for instance, different seafood starters and ravioli with shrimps was what we had at socerb on sunday for lunch. it's a small slovene castle, which was built back in the 13rd century on the site of an illyrian stronghold. the venetians converted it into a fortress 2 centuries later and now it's used as a restaurant. the east side is enclosed within a fortitified defence walls, while the other sides are protected by high cliffs. 

the total altitude of the kars rock reaches about 300 mt so the view over trieste is magnificent.


yes, this last picture shows a happy elda on top of the rock, celebrating life and the joy of visiting a beautiful place like this. but i was in my element even more in the castle spectacular wine cellar! there the owner of the restaurant treasures a wine that empress maria therese of austria used to drink. we didn't taste that one, of course, but we had a sweet malvasia. and guess what? i was the last one to live the cellar, they had to take me out using menaces! LOL

cheers everyone then! and happy wednesday!

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