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11 March 2010

black bora

oh my, we had 3 days of intense bora, reaching speeds of 160km/h and overturning cars as well as a truck along the motorway! my car survived and wasn't smashed by trees like my neighbour :( but i lost my laundry bench, which i kept in our guest room balcony. it all culminated yesterday with a terrible snowstorm, which paralyzed the city. schools are closed and nobody is around. these pics were taken yesterday at about 7 pm from my kitchen and ali's room. 

the second car from the left is my car

i had never experienced anything like this before, and they say it's the most awful in 24 years. the wind was even more powerful in the past, go figure! capturing the wind in action was difficult, i wasn't enough brave to step out and take pics. this shot taken from my sttingroom window illustrates something, though: the plant blown off and the twisted flakes. it's all i could manage from my safe position!  

it's all very sunny and calm today, we're back to normality. spring should be around the corner, i want to snap pictures of growing flowers and blooming colors rahter than snow and wind in march! argh!

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  1. Yesterday was such an unusual day! With the strong bora wind and the snow storm in March. Emphasis on the storm and March!


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