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12 March 2010

and justice for all

look at this guy over here: what do you see? he looks like someone hilarious, having a good laugh in a talk show maybe, right? someone who is very attached to his family, since he's constantlly touching his wedding ring and feeling content ...

no way. his bon-ton trench with a matching tie still makes of him an assassin. an elegant assassin who raped a girl in his youth, just for fun, but who was never justiced for this crime. then back in the 70's he raped 2 girls and killed one of them with 3 peers. the surviving gal took him to court and he was finally sentenced to life imprisonmnet.

he tried to escape prison 3 times, one of it nearly making it. when he realized it was difficult for him to escape again, he started to cooperate with the anti-mafia team, but soon they found out he was lying to gain privileges. finally, in 2005, he was released for good behaviour. he made the most of this precious time to kill again, this time murdering a mother with her teen kid. it was for political reasons, he said. oh yes, we all need a good excuse to kill now, don't we? back to prison, for ever. and we were all happy.

then, a few days ago, he married his long-time friend, donatella papi. she's a journalist of a no profit web journal and promises she'll request humanitarian parole for him. she wants to prove he's innocent. that's why the dude, angelo izzo, has more than a reason to be happy, happier than us out here in the normal world. i wonder what motivated this woman. how does she reconcile her feelings with the dude's past? i can understand the fact they seldom see each other, since loves breaks every frontier, but more than a murder? maybe she got in love with the man committed to the transformation of himself. but really, his past actions don't show any regret.

the real mysteries of life. aren't they fascinating?!


  1. he looks like the devil with those crazy eyes. He should never see the light of day!


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