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09 March 2010

oscars (personal) review

the 82nd annual academy awards show is over and, far from feeling a critic just because i watched it on sky, i'm posting my thoughts on it. it's a marquee showbiz but this year i liked it, because hollywood wanted to show that it's not all about sex symbols who can turn in a role. by nominating gabourey (gaby) sibide, who debuted in the character of an abused teen without ever acting before, the academy wanted to remind what hollywood dreams are made of.

"people look at me and don't expect much.
i expect a lot" #

this girl is stunning. "she was a student trying to earn some money to go to college. on monday she skipped school to audition for a movie called precious. on tuesday they called her back to meet the director ... on wednesday, she got the part. and tonight, she is sitting at the academy awards in the same category as meryl streep." (oprah winfrey's tribute at the oscars night).

in one of her interviews, when asked what she inteds to pass on her good fortune with the exception of money, gaby replied that she has younger sisters and that she likes to to be able to show them that someone from her neighborhood can achieve anything. isn't this amazing? she's extremely self-confident, she loves herself and is reinventing what it means to be a hollywood it girl.

in the same interview she said she's really happy with she sees into the mirror. 'i see myself. i give myself pep talks, and coach myself to make it through the day, which isn't hard to do. i congratulate myself for making it this far in life and for being the person i want to be'. fantastic gaby!

i do want to to watch precious soon, the trailer left me breathless and made me cry. and i cry and cry every time i watch it, again and again.

so true: life is hard, life is short, life is PRECIOUS! it makes me want to hug gaby and hit the theater straight away to watch the entire movie, which must be authentic and vibrant. the film maker lee daniels is a truly disarming genius with a very creative mind, exactly like gaby describes him.  

mo'nique is gaby's abusive mother in the film. her interpretation seems so deserving her the oscar as supporting actress. i liked maggie gyllenhaal too, and secretly supported her nomination. i've always liked her acting. besides, she looks like the type of girl i'd like to hang out and have a few pints at the pub with. as for sandra bullock, well, she's into comedy full-time, and it's a genre i don't particularly like. i hope this oscar, after 23 years in the making, will let her go deep in her next characters. maybe i'll start appreciating her more in the future. 

i loved sandra's outfit, though. it's a golden marchesa, a bit different from oscar standard style, and it suited her a lot. elegant bullock scores second place in my red carpet favorites.  

via ew

i liked what gaby's was wearing too, another off-the-shoulder marchesa but in blue, which made her shine. 3rd place for you, miss gaby! 

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but my favorite gown of all was the glittered badgley mischka wore by hellen mirren. it was fantastic, something simple, neat and elegant very similar to my wedding dress. it scores 1st place in my list!

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none of the italian stylists fascinated me this year. i saw an ugly and unappropriate valentino on mariah carey's and was shocked. usually they rock the red carpet in a glamourous and admired way. the only cavalli i appreciated was the red one wore by elisabetta canalis, who was the only italian presence of the night by the way. we may not contribute with film makers, actors or movies, but we're always present with our beauty (subject for another post of mine about art coming up soon-stay tuned!). better than nothing, huh? yuck!

elisabetta canalis, the woman who is the envy of million of ladies because she's george clooney new flame. she started as a dancer in the most important tv show in italy, a parody of daily news. she never really starred afterwards, with her career oscillating between little tv presenting/festivals holdings and minor roles in comedies, with a few sexy pothoshootings for calendars in between.

dating clooney is her best role so far. i'm happy for her and i hope she has fun with the ride, enjoying being a big-time celebrity's other half. here in italy she would have ended up marrying a b-list or semi-celebrity, there was no possible other way for her to land in hollywood, so i'm glad she chose to marry fame and fashion instead. you can't have it all, right?

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