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08 February 2010

new school

my pissment has gone, despite the fact that my eye turned to be inflammed again. i don't know whether to call the ophthalmologist and ask him if it's normal. i'm right in the middle of my treatment and not seeing any improvment yet. mmmh ... he'll see me in a fortnight and that seems too much for me.

but well, show must go on an today i focused on something very important: ali's enrolment at primary school. i submitted her application right this very morning, and this ended the cycle of a long, extenuating research. chosing a school is one of the most important decisions you will make for your child, i was pretty aware of that, so we tried to get as much information as we could about schools (both private and public).

it was quite an issue because alice is an early student, she can start school at 5 and a half according to the moratti law that allows all babies born until april 2005 prior a commettee evaluation. private institutes are against this concept, they believe kids aren't enough sophisticated to be sit on desks and concentrate. they're mainly catholic institues, too, and we don't want to give alice a religious education. we're okay with 2 hours religion a week per class, but that's enough. 

in the end we chose the school in our area, the one she's designed to based on our permanent address. it's public and has a valid integration policy, by putting particular emphasis on the class functioning smoothly as a social unit, which forces the kids to rub along together. 

we do believe classroom environment is very important to a student's success. we don't think architecture influneces students. of course the structure we chose isn't poor, but we looked at the educational process more. if the student is willing to learn, if he's supported by parents and teachers are good, the educational process takes places by itself.

i better go and give this poor little eye of mine a rest now. ouch!

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