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08 February 2010

pissed off

after a week of perpetual twilight, the sun is up again over a glacial temperature. it was 0°C this morning when we went out. my eye is slightly better, still swollen and painful but not that much red, at least. i've to wear sunglasses to protect it from this abrupt sun. and i should give it a rest from the computer, which i attempted to do over the weekend. it's monday now. i can't stop myself.

it's a blue monday, too. writing is my only therapy to ease the discomfort of the morning news. the pictures taken by the teachers on alice's birthday breakfast at school came out all dark. they request disposable cameras for these events, and i can understand the way they don't want to take responsibilities on real cameras, but, come on, dont' they know the basic rule of photography is to use the flash indoors? there isn't a single photo i can keep as memory of my baby's birthday in her last day in pre-school now. it's outrageous!  

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