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19 February 2010

envy is a bad beast

the 60th edition of the italian music festival is broadcasting from aristhon theater in san remo this week. antonella clerici is the absolute queen of the show, conducting it in a way i personally find professional and very relaxed. obviously, i'm an alien, because my review is the only positiive these days.

whether she's too slow or too fat, they're criticizing her in every possible way. they don't seem to realize that finally, in an italian trash tv that is only proposing anorexic showgirls, there's someone who focuses on elegance rather than sex-appeal and who could be a positive example for the female audience. well, envy makes the bones rot, an old proverb paints. and antonella has it all: fame, success, a younger and handsome black husband who made her a mother late in her 40's. it must be too much for people.

because of her pregnancy, last year she wasn't given her cook tv program back at the end of her maternity leave. she claimed the national rai for sex discrimination, making a fuss over maternity dismissal. in the end she was given the conduction of this memorable event, getting revenge for her and for many other discriminated women, and all she gets back is savage criticism. that's unfair. let her enjoy her moment, rather than blaming her outfits. go antonella go!

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