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19 February 2010

simple as that

i didn't have to wake up alice this morning, she was out of bed on her own at the usual time i call her, which is about 7.30 am. i allow her to watch cartoons first thing in the morning, it helps distracting from the long day at school while i prepare her breakfast and clothes. 

there's this nice tv program about dogs recently, where a professional animal trainer teaches children who decide to adopt animals from shelters to take care of them in the proper way. alice is getting the idea that keeping a dog is a lot of work but she still would like one. for the moment, being aware that dad is allergic to animals fur and that they need their own space like a garden helps. she doesn't insist. 

this program stimulates lots of discussion over breakfast, too. we always end up talking about the 2 dogs i used to have and, inevitably, about their disappearance. priscilla died a few months before conceiving alice, while lara went under the car of a crazy pirate of the road 2 years ago. ali remembers her very well. 

when the conversation happens, i like to remind my baby that people don't come back from heaven, but that they still watch us from the sky like lion simba's father does. i think it's never too early to talk about death to children, because death is part of life and we can make it easier for ourselves and our children if we take a closer look at some of the problems that might make communication difficult. i believe that if we're open, honest and comfortable with our own feelings, we can encourage their communication by showing interest and respect for what they have to say. 

'you'll watch me from the sky too mom, won't you?'
'all the time, sweetie, of course. but i hope to be watching you live for a long, long time too!
'yes, otherwise who's going to read me tales at nights?

if only it were so cut and dry, right?

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