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18 February 2010

racism on the rise

these are a few random things that speak for themselves. "more than sickening, these episodes of racism reveal mute and savage hatred towards another skin colour that we thought we had overcome," the osservatore romano said under the headline "italians and racism".

1) a campaign against illegal immigrants, called "operation white christmas"," has been taking place in a small town near milan. the coccaglio campaign, run by the anti-immigrant northern league party, was only the latest anti-immigrant initiative during the christmas season. in verona, a furious row broke out over the use of a dark-skin statue of the baby jesus in a nativity scene. and in cherizara(ph), the yuletide concert by the public school kindergarten class, filled with children of immigrants, was canceled in favor of a concert by italian children studying at the private catholic school. ilvo diamanti is a sociologist who closely follows immigration issues (sylvia poggioli)

the operation in coccaglio is the product of legislation promoted by the berlusconi government gives mayors wider powers to flush out illegal immigrants. under italian law, councils can withdraw the right of abode six months after the expiry of an immigrant's residence permit if he or she cannot show an application has been submitted for renewal (the guardian)

2) according to the italian daily la repubblica, in milan several 13 year-old students refused to sit next to chinese students because they said they "stink".

3) a pakistani community representative said on tuesday that episodes of racism  in the italian capital rome are on the rise, after the beating of a Pakistani immigrant last week left him in a coma.

4) the world watched in disbelief as tensions between african immigrants and residents came to an ugly head in rosarno (reggio calabria) last week (italymag.co.uk). after these riots, southern italian town world's 'only white town' after ethnic cleansing (the guardian)

5) these soccer fans are chanting offensive remarks against one of the most brilliant and promising young italian players, mario balotelli. the 19-year-old son of ghanian parents was born in italy, and adopted by an italian family. he is tall, talented and black. he's also totally Italian, speaking with a northern lilt. but on the soccer field, balotelli is the target of the most venomous racist rant of any black player in italy. this chanting fan screams: balotelli, son of a bitch. he is not italian; he is negro. the rising star of italian soccer has become the symbol of many italians' inability to confront their growing multiethnic identity (sylvia poggioli)

6) there is no serious stigma attached to the use of racist language in italy today. umberto bossi, minister for reform and founder of the northern league, has called african migrants "bingo-bongos". the prime minister, silvio berlusconi, seemed to be vying with the league when he remarked earlier this year that the streets of milan reminded him "of an african city" these days. and, as we know, berlusconi has not only cheerfully (and embarassingly) remarked that the new president of the us was "tanned", he compounded that by commenting, on his return from a visit to the white house this year, that "the president's wife is tanned too", to the cheerful hoots of his fans (the guardian).


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