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11 January 2010

things my way

well well well, as new year approaches, the temptation to do things my way, which is the old unhealthy way i'm trying to get rid of, is always there. for instance, avoiding to have a latte macchiato in my favorite bar is the hardest battle at the moment. for some reason i still have to explore, cafes and bars attract me more than shops. i have to stay away from the inviting entrance, which is like being on the verge of something vicious all the time. i'm not calling this bluff, it's pure truth. my truth.

i have a master plan, of course, i'm not that much of a masochist. wanting to weight a bit less is part of it, i admit it, but not the main goal. i embraced that i have more curves right now, i'm okay with that and i'm not someone who eats salads and chicken. i know that if you eat right and move a round a little bit, that usually does the job.

it's merely about controlling my impulse control more. my biggest indulgence is having a liter of milk a day, added to tea mainly, and i know that if i go for a latte in a bar, i always end up ordering a nutella croissant with that, which not only ruins my figure but also makes my itchy scalp dermatitis go wild. so i'm trying to take action. i think that if i wait too long, i kind of stick on and it stays there forever. i have to be motivated.

today i won. i resisted my temptation 'for now'. i even avoided the elevator and climbed all the 3 floors up to our partment, where i had a healthy breakfast. toasts with a layer of strawberry jam and my usual hot tea.
it depresses me a bit but, oh, it's about getting used ot it? that's the key, isn't it? so better take one thing at a time. after all, tomorrow is another day!

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