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13 January 2010

inclinations to write

okay, done, i did it, i posted 7 copies of my short story for good! this is a great accomplishment for me because there were days when i truly felt i wasn't going to make it. i knew what i wanted to write about but extrapolating all the ideas from my mind and putting them into coherent sentences wasn't always that easy.

if you add to this that i had to write, because there was a deadline, well, this wasn't good for my inspiration. fortunately i never lost my motivation. i didn't have problems in putting my ideas down, they were even beautifully written. it just didn't click. then the other day, when i was driving back from ikea and was listening to elisa, inspiration arrived. driving always inspires me so much. so i rushed home and wrote everything from the beginning. and i continued writing all night long.

thanks god i've a husband who supports me and ignores my negligence towards him and the house when i'm in the writer's moods (you should see what a disaster our apartment looks after these writing days!). my dad is a fool but got one thing right about me. by appreciating my inclinations, he used to say that i'd better find a husband who was more interested in reading my stories rather than expecting a meal when he got back from work at nights!

anyway, i'm satisfied with the result and i don't think it is a difficult story except in one sense, that because it refers to experience and not to other literature, it challenges readers to trust me. the story is already out of me now, though. it's really like a birth. you gestate all the ideas, then you give birth to the story, with all the labour that the writing takes, and finally, there it is: your own creature, but with a life of its own!

will the commettee appreciate it? i hope so. and even if it won't, well, my self-esteem isn't that low to be put down by a bunch of literary experts. i know where my talents stands and where it may take me. i'll keep trying, sooner or later some editor will have to notice me, right? i keep saying that isabel allende became famous ast 40 ... i still have 3 years to go!  

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