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29 January 2010

moment of fame

i was on air for a few minutes this morning! journalist stefania ulivi interviewed some of the cast of gabriele muccino's last movie (kiss me again) in a video chat, chosing some of the audience's on line questions.

my question was sent at 12:45:52, in case you want to read it on the link above (called legami, by elda di trieste). i asked if the actors noticed any difference in muccino's way of directing after his american adventure.

as a matter of  fact, gabriele signed a two-picture deal with miramax following the success of his breakthrough film, the last kiss (2001)– a humorous look at two twenty-something men coming to grips with accepting the responsibility of adulthood. he directed wil smith in the pursuit of happyness, thanks to which will won a nominee as best actor at the 2006 academy awards, and seven pounds, starring will smith too. i was curious to see if the american scenario had influenced him in some way.

i didn't get the full answer, though. all actors nodded and sabrina impacciatore confirmed that yes, they had noticed a few changes, but she didn't explain why. she ended up complaining about how italian filmmakers have tried to revive a film industry that has remained paralyzed through decades. 

i agree, italian cinema is still interesting but illuminated by small flames and flashes of creativity and it is no longer supported by the same distinctive will and ability to create of the past. but, well, i would have liked to know how actors liked working with muccino for the second time, since the cast was mroe or less the same of the first movie.

maybe i should have asked personal questions to the actors. argh! but i enjoyed my few minutes of glory on the net!

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