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29 January 2010


10.000 euros. it's kate moss' weekly allowance to her daughter lila grace. 

10 dollars a week is what lourdes scores from madonna, and the sum is even cut if she neglects household chores like tidying her room and making her bed.

lila grace is 7, lourdes is 13. their moms must have different concepts on how to insitll good values and growing up. 

little lila is surely enjoying her spoilt brat status. lola must be be pissed off instead. her mom's boytoy jesus is getting 10.000 dollars a month allowance. he only has to accompany her around the world and gets paid for his cell phone, insurance and credit card bills.

it makes him the world's lowest paid celebrity gigolo, okay, but it makes sense too. he's at that age where he needs to start learning about money and responsibility. so lola doesn't have to be jelaous: mom is the same old coherent :)

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