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28 January 2010

artist of the month

i think i'll kick off a cool project from now on, writing about a different artist each month. it'll be someone not so popular who catches my attention for a particular skill, or others who are already pretty famous and need to be celebrated.

this january i'll focus on a bunch of minds who came up with different representations of the traditional fairytale princesses. they may seem perverted concepts to the audience, but i think it's a unique way to place characters in their own personal and sometimes conflictual enviroments.

vancouver based photographer dina goldstein places her princesses in modern days scenario. in her series the 'happily ever after' is replaced with a realistic outcome and addresses current issues.

among dina's 'fallen princesses' you can find cinderella who needs a ride

jasmine at war

or snowhite not happily married

i'm not sure how alice would interpretate these images if i showed her. she's all about princesses now and i wonder what she'd say if she saw her favorite ariel trapped like this:

jeffrey thomas's macabre series could disturbe her more seriosly, though. his twisted princesses are not so bright and sunny. judge yourself!

comic artist j. scott campbell took a walk on the sexy side instead, and his  result is more beautiful. 

least but not last there's tiana, the princess introduced by walt disney recently. she's the most revolutionary of all in my opinion, because she learns that balance is important in life. for the first time a girl has a dream that is not to marry a prince only, because she needs both love and career to find happiness. but then i can't stop thinking: walt disney finally introduces a black princess and she spends most of her time as a frog in the movie? mmmh!

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